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The Best Tips For Managing Your Time As A Freelancer

Freelance status offers several advantages. The main thing is the ability to perfectly manage time to achieve their goals. For entry-level freelancers, this is not the case. Indeed, those who start are constantly under pressure and especially procrastination. They waste a lot of time, but time is money.

Do you want to become independent? Be aware that freelance work requires excellent time management for the results to match the ambitions. Let’s discover through this article the best tips to manage your time effectively .

Prioritize your Tasks

Always treat the most important stains first. If you start by treating secondary stains, you will quickly feel exhausted, physically and mentally. Also take advantage of the early hours of the morning to do your best and to accomplish your set goals.

Say goodbye to Procrastination

Procrastination is the tendency to put off unpleasant things and complicated tasks until tomorrow. Procrastination is seen as weakness, sloppiness and lack of willpower. In short, the term “procrastination” refers to the tendency to defer and postpone one’s obligations. Do you know that the majority of self-employed people tend to procrastinate that only the motivated manage to ensure their professional and personal success. Always remember that when you make the decision to start a task, you will usually have no difficulty in completing it within the allotted time. Indeed, the difficulty often lies in the idea of ​​being able to accomplish the work and not in the tasks to be accomplished!

Freelancers who tend to procrastinate always prefer to start their days with the simplest and easiest tasks, before tackling the difficult tasks that require effort.

If you want to stand out against your competitors, satisfy your customers and ensure your success as a freelancer, you must manage your time perfectly. Start your days with the stains you dread the most.

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Plan all your days, down to the smallest detail

Taking the time to make a detailed schedule is never a waste of time. Planning is essential to be able to manage your time effectively. To establish a schedule, you can devote 5 to 10 minutes a day to note your tasks in order of priority. Write everything down on paper and then sort the tasks according to their importance and priority. Once it’s done, remember to establish a time schedule that you must follow scrupulously.

By regularly applying this method, you will have free time to enjoy your private life and to rest.

Organize your stains by batch

Sorting your tasks and organizing them by batch allows you to greatly facilitate all of your work. It is also an effective technique to not forget anything. If, for example, you are a freelance web writer and you want to attract more customers, instead of sending your marketing emails all over the place, target your customers by creating a list of your contacts.

Apply the Pomodoro technique

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the overwhelming amount of work you have to do? In order not to feel discouraged, we advise you to apply the POMODORO technique.

The so-called POMODORO technique is a time management technique based on the use of a timer. This technique is quite effective since it is based on work sessions followed by break sessions. You can, for example, create work sessions of 30 mines, followed by a 10 minute break. After 5 sessions of 30 minutes, you can take a well-deserved break of 40 minutes!

This technique allows you to focus on a single task before moving on to another while remaining efficient.

Keep a Journal

A diary allows you to record all the tasks you need to perform. The diary is also an effective way to be able to follow your progress and the progress of what you are doing.

Be your own Master

Sit down with paper and pencil, or a calendar, and figure out how much free time you have. How much time you are able to devote to your family and work.

Say no if necessary

Most freelancers choose to work from home. Working at home can be very practical but also complicated since it is often difficult to separate your private life from your professional life. Although it is difficult, you must dare to say no to the requests of your relatives and friends when you are working.

If you are unable to motivate yourself and manage your time effectively at home, we advise you to work outside, by choosing coworking spaces.


Balancing your self-employed life consists in clearly identifying and defining your priorities between work (career, ambition, etc.) and private life (family, pleasure, leisure, etc.). In most cases, achieving your goals is the result of excellent organization to ensure balance between these two lives. Moreover, some studies have proven that happiness is based on self-satisfaction and self-esteem.

By applying these tricks and following these tips, you will be able to ensure your success not only in professional life, but also personally. Indeed, these tips are effective for perfectly organizing daily activities . Without planning and without organization, you will never be able to evolve and optimize your productivity as a freelancer.

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