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How To Run A Small Business And Grow It

The dilemma of many people who manage their own business and who see how time and energy go together in the trash every day.

Managing your small business is not easy. You know now, right?

Do you remember the first moments? When do you start?

The illusion with which you open the door of your business every day and start the day.

The desire with which you picked up the phone to start calling clients and discuss with them the topic that interested them at all times.

How you came home telling your partner how well the day had gone. How exciting it was to finally work for oneself. How exciting it was to organize the day on your own.

All that is very good yes.

Very well.

And there is nothing like having a good product and being a good salesperson to make your business prosper, grow and make you enjoy every day.

Or not? What is the catch of this?

That having a good product and being a good salesperson are not the only ingredients to make a business grow . You need to know how to manage a company and make it grow, that is, you have to have a series of management skills that have nothing to do with your product or your quality when selling.

It’s your management skills.

And management skills, like all skills, are developed.

How are your management control skills?

Have you ever studied anything related to business administration? Business management perhaps? Basic tax? financial planning?


So you’ve been hitting the wall a few times.

Or you’re about to give them to yourself.

What do I mean?

Whenever I catch a cold, the same thing happens to me: I start by having my throat a little sore, then I start to cough at night and finally the day comes when I have a nose like Santa’s reindeer and I can’t stop sneezing and sneezing for two days. Then the issue calms down and after 5 days more or less it passes.

These are the symptoms of a cold.

There are also symptoms that reveal if you have any kind of problem managing your small business . I’ll give you a few:

  • Do you feel like you don’t have time to get to everything?
  • Do you come home overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you have left to do at the office?
  • Do you have the feeling that sometimes you make important decisions just guided by your stomach without analyzing anything else?
  • Do you wake up with startles at night thinking about a certain issue that you are not able to solve?
  • In conversations with your manager, are there times that you disconnect because you don’t understand what they are saying?

These are just symptoms.

They don’t matter for themselves.

It matters what is behind them, what they mean.

That you are not managing your company as you should.

And yes, I’m sorry to be so harsh, but that’s how it is.

Why did you create your business?

To not sleep well, to live overwhelmed, to have a feeling of continuous indecision? No, right?

Maybe you did it to depend only on yourself… Or to prove that you were right. Or because you knew you could grow much more outside of your job. Or because you wanted to enjoy what you did every day. Or because you wanted to help a group of people. Now think about your current situation.

To what extent does what you thought when you started fit in with what you feel now?

And the most important. In case they don’t fit.

What are you doing to fix it?

To know how to manage a company and make it grow you have to have a series of tools. Some specific management knowledge and a strong desire to change processes in your business to boost it and make it grow.

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