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Is Facebook or Instagram Better To Sell?

Social networks are a very valuable tool to sell products and services. With over 4 billion monthly active users, the networks offer massive reach so that businesses can more easily reach their target audience. Now it only remains to know which one to choose: Facebook or Instagram to sell .

In recent years, we have verified that social networks allow companies and/or businesses of various kinds to create relationships and connect with their potential customers in a much more authentic and personalized way. In addition, they are an excellent analysis tool to measure the success of a marketing campaign and adapt to the needs of customers.

Facebook or Instagram, where do you sell better?

Facebook and Instagram are probably two of the social networks with the greatest communication and sales power for companies. Each of them presents a series of characteristics and advantages that make them very useful for any business. Which one do we opt for then? Here is a series of evaluations of both to know their benefits in terms of sales.

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Advantages of advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular advertising platforms today due to its vast reach and audience segmentation capabilities. Some of the main advantages of using Facebook to sell are the following:

  • The platform allows you to segment the audience according to their interests, their location, their age and other factors. This makes it possible to reach a large number of people interested in the products or services offered.
  • Wide variety of advertising formats to create more attractive and effective campaigns : ads in the feed, stories, carousels, videos, texts, etc.
  • The cost of advertising on Facebook is usually much lower than other forms of advertising.
  • Great measurement and monitoring capacity to know the impact of the campaign and improve it to maximize results.

Advantages of advertising on Instagram

Play the turn in this comparison Facebook or Instagram to sell from this last social network. A platform that currently has more than a billion active users per month . Its large user base and excellent focus on images and videos make it an ideal social network for selling.

Other of its main advertising advantages are the following:

  • Ability to reach a large number of people . The audience of this platform is currently the largest of all social networks.
  • It allows you to create much more visually attractive ads as it is a social network that focuses on images and videos.
  • You will also be able to segment the audience very effectively . In fact, it is possible to choose who will see the ads based on factors such as the age, gender, geographic location or interests of the users.

So, is Facebook or Instagram better for selling?

As you can see, both Facebook and Instagram have a series of unique features to sell. The choice of one or the other will depend on the specific needs of each business.

Facebook has a very large and diverse user base . The age range of your audience is probably older than that of Instagram and it is more focused on news and updates as a type of content. Its reach and its high number of groups and communities make it a very attractive social network for any business.

Instagram, for its part, focuses more on visual content and has a younger audience oriented towards fashion and beauty. An excellent option for those companies and businesses that seek to improve their presence on the Internet through attractive images and videos. It also has an integrated purchasing tool that allows you to sell products directly through the platform.

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